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Rigor and Imagination
Rigor and Imagination

We blend insight and inspiration at every step – we apply an empathetic approach to problem-solving combined with bold creativity to shape sound, and original solutions.

Diverse by design
Diverse by Design

We bring diverse perspectives—matching a range of relevant skillsets and hands-on experiences from across our open, collaborative ecosystem of partners and in-house experts to challenge our thinking, uncover disruptive ideas and deliver the best to our clients.

Day-One impact
Day-One Impact

We drive to impact quickly – by bringing clarity from day one by crafting real concepts and solutions, and ensuring strategy is brought to life with speed and precision.

With you
With You (Not Just for You)

We’re our client’s indispensable ally—attuned to your ambitions and roadblocks, we are committed to your success because it is our own, and we will equip your team with the proper tools to pursue continued growth.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

We will support your organization in setting and implementing short-term and long-term goals. We will help you in setting your priorities, and focus energy and resources to ensure that all stakeholders are working towards your set goals. It becomes clearer and easier for your organization to identify new opportunities and mitigate risks, and it becomes more efficient and effective in achieving its goals.

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We will help you create awareness and demand for your products and services, improve your brand recognition, increase your market share and customer loyalty, which will ultimately drive your sales and revenue growth. Without a good marketing strategy, your business will lose its competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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We will help your business differentiate itself from its competitors by developing new products, services, or processes that meet the needs and preferences of your target audience. This will create a competitive advantage that can be difficult for your competitors to replicate. By fostering a culture of innovation and investing in new ideas and technologies, your business will stay ahead of the curve and drive sustainable growth and success.

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Business Valuation

At KnD, we will help you determine the economic value of any business, whether you want to sell it or acquire it, merge with another business, get new investors on board, or for litigation purposes. We have the specialized expertise and knowledge in valuation techniques and methodologies to provide you a reliable, objective and comprehensive business valuation.

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Feasibility Study

We will help you determine whether investing in a new business, project or idea is technically and economically feasible, and whether it is likely to generate a sufficient return on investment. We will provide you valuable information and insights regarding the potential risks and rewards of your venture. We bring our knowledge and expertise into the feasibility study process, which enables us to provide you a reliable, comprehensive and unbiased assessment of the project’s viability.

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We will help you plan and forecast your organization’s financial performance for the upcoming period. This will enable you to anticipate potential shortfalls, plan new investments, and identify opportunities for growth. Budgeting will enable you to control your company’s spending, manage your finances effectively, and make corrective actions when needed. By providing a framework for decision-making and performance measurement, we will help you improve profitability and achieve long-term objectives.

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HR Services

We will provide you with a fresh perspective on your business’s HR practices and strategy. We will help you identify areas for improvement, develop new approaches to managing your workforce, and implement innovative HR programs and initiatives. We bring a wealth of experience and best practices to your business, providing you with the insights and guidance you need to effectively manage your workforce. By working with KnD, your business will stay ahead of the curve and competitive in today’s changing business environment.

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Training and Development

We will help your employees in acquiring new skills, knowledge, and abilities that will improve their performance, engagement and retention. This will lead to better quality of work, increased productivity, and higher levels of customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase your business’s profitability and improve your competitive advantage. By working with KnD you can ensure that your employees will receive high-quality trainings that are relevant, effective, and engaging.

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Outsourced Accounting

Outsource your accounting department to experienced professionals and focus on what you do best. Enjoy cost savings, expert advice, peace of mind, and more time for growth. Let us handle your finances while you lead your business to success.

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Outsourced CFO

Outsource your CFO to gain access to strategic financial expertise, cost savings, and flexibility. Let our experienced CFOs guide your financial decisions, optimize operations, and drive growth. Focus on your core business while we handle your financial leadership.

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Risk Management Services

We have the expertise and knowledge in identifying, assessing, and managing risks across various industries. We have a deep understanding of best practices, industry standards, and regulatory requirements, providing you with valuable insights and guidance. We will assist you in implementing effective risk mitigation measures and developing robust crisis management and business continuity plans.

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Governance Services

We will support you in setting the system of rules and best practices by which your company is directed and controlled. We will help you promote transparency, accountability, and good decision-making. Good corporate governance will build trust and confidence among your stakeholders, improve your financial performance, and enable you to manage risks more effectively. It is the cornerstone for the continuous success of your business.

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Policies and Procedures

We will help you in developing policies and procedures based on best practice and tailored to your business operations. Having Good policies and procedures in place enables your organization to operate efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with laws and regulations. It will improve consistency, compliance, risk management, efficiency, and quality control. Good policies and procedures help businesses achieve their goals and drive long-term success.

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Who we are

Solutions that spark transformation, build relevance and fuel growth.

Consult KND supports companies from dozens of industries find uncommon growth as they fend off new entrants. Our multidisciplinary teams work closely with key stakeholders, creating pragmatic, high-impact solutions that outpace the competition.

Our solutions are tailored to every client. Our industry experts have the knowledge to assess and identify the challenges you face, and find the relevant solutions that will lead to achieving your goals.


Trained and coached MSMEs
Who we are

What we do

Growth Pathways

Identify Growth Pathways

Growth starts with a winning strategy, one that everyone can get behind and execute against. A Strategy isn’t just a set of frameworks and processes, but a plan that drives towards key decisions while building the culture and structure to make it happen. Our unique capabilities and engagement models lead to strategies that enable our clients find their competitive edge, transform their businesses, grow their customer base and develop bold new moves that drive uncommon growth.

Customer Demand

Drive Customer Demand

To grow, businesses need to reinvent how they generate, nurture and distribute demand. It’s nothing less than a transformation of marketing, sales and service capabilities. KND partners with companies to build brands, identify the landscapes, grow market share, and increase loyalty and customer value with the right digital capabilities. Rooted in customer insight, our marketing and sales transformation solutions fill business gaps and accelerate growth agendas. We support the creation and deployment of intelligent content and smart in-market testing that leads to conclusive, data-driven decisions that help our clients’ gain market share.

Reimagine Brand

Reimagine Brands

Brands drive powerful business transformation and growth that impact the entire organization. However, it calls for a modern approach that is purpose-driven, experience-based and powered by digitization. We help build these relentlessly moving and relevant brands, the ones that give people the meaning and the connection they crave today. Our ongoing research proves that the company that nurtures its brand, consistently wins customers’ love and loyalty.

Empower Employees

Empower Employees

As companies struggle to differentiate themselves amid widespread disruption, an organization’s ability to grow and change is more important than ever. We take a holistic approach to redesign organizations and drive cultural transformation. We apply our Human Centered Transformation Model to unpack and refocus the complexities of organizational and cultural dynamics into components that can be easily digested and understood. To create enduring change, we work backwards from our clients’ business goals. Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate closely with stakeholders for fast impact and meaningful change.

Revolutionize Experiences

Revolutionize Experiences

How customers interact with a brand, at any touchpoint, influences whether they will ever want to turn to that brand again. In a world of many options and ever-increasing digital expectations, the quality of these experiences is crucial in differentiating a brand from its competitors. We apply proven innovation techniques that help companies transform every dimension, from developing products and services to fixing broken processes or touchpoints, and gaining new audiences and sources of revenue.

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

How We Work

Understanding your needs

We will first discuss and understand your business needs, objectives, and challenges. We will then form our initial view about the scope of work.

Brief study

We will perform a high level research about your business and industry in order to propose relevant and effective solutions that address your needs.  

Our offer

We will create a proposal outlining our recommendations, estimated time frame, and cost. The proposal will include an action plan tackling your business challenges.

Data gathering and analysis

Once the proposal is accepted, we will conduct several meetings with all departments to perform a thorough assessment of each department and its challenges. We will do some research in addition to gathering data related to your business, including financial statements, market analysis, operational processes, and other information to perform our own analysis. 

Identification of opportunities and challenges

We will analyze the data and information collected and share our recommendations based on our findings. These recommendations may include changes to business strategy, marketing plans, financial management, organizational structure, operational processes, technology or other. We also use design thinking to develop solutions that are user-centered, empathetic, responsive to customer needs and transformational.


Based on your request, we could support you in implementing the recommended changes to ensure that our solutions are correctly understood and applied.

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